Visit Israel with MTI

Ministry Training Institute is pleased to announce that our dean, Dr. Michael Walker, will be leading a trip to Israel and Petra in January 2021.

The trip leaves from Newark on Jan, 4 and returns to the U.S. on Jan. 15. Highlights include Jerusalem, Mount Carmel, Capernaum, Petra, the Dead Sea and much more.

Here’s Dr. Walker’s invitation from the trip brochure:

Imagine walking into the empty tomb of Jesus! Imagine looking out over the Sea of Galilee from the perspective of a boat! Now you don’t have to imagine anymore! I extend an invitation to you to join us on a pilgrimage and study tour of Israel with Petra in Jordan. You will no longer have to imagine, you can experience the Holy Land for yourself.

I invite you to join us for a “Once in a Lifetime Experience” to see the very places where Jesus walked, taught and lived His earthly life. The Bible will come alive for you. Come with us on a tour of the Bible Lands to share this experience. I am certain you will return filled with enthusiasm, gratitude and a renewed faith.

“To walk in the footsteps of Jesus cannot be described. It can only be experienced.”

Click here to find out more about the trip or fill out this form to have a brochure sent to you..

Published by Tammie

As a journalist at a weekly newspapers for many years, Tammie learned to tell the stories of her community. She's fascinated with history and faith, and holds a Master of Practical Theology degree from Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

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