Visit Israel with MTI

Ministry Training Institute and Winbrenner Theological Seminary are hosting a trip to Israel from January 3-15, 2022. Our dean, Dr. Michael Walker, and one of our instructors, Dan Masshardt, will lead the trip. The trip will include Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Galilee, Nazareth, Mount Carmel, Cana and many other familiar sites from the pages of Scripture. YouContinue reading “Visit Israel with MTI”

Registration opens for Spring 2020 classes

Ministry Training Institute is pleased to announce the following classes for the Spring 2020 semester: NT 102 – Survey of the New Testament (Section 1) with Dr. Michael Walker on Tuesdays at Carlisle First Church of God. NT 102 – Survey of the New Testament (Section 2) with Lew Button on Tuesdays at Martinsburg. CMContinue reading “Registration opens for Spring 2020 classes”