Pastoral track

Pastoral Track
Revised August 30, 2018

Course descriptions yet to be written
13 required courses, plus mentored ministry, and 3 electives
* indicates required core

OT 101:  Survey of the Old Testament I: Genesis through Esther*
OT 102:  Survey of the Old Testament II: Wisdom and Prophetic Literature*
OT 201:  Psalms and Wisdom Literature or another OT Elective
NT 101:  Survey of the New Testament I: Gospels through Acts, General Epistles*
NT 102:  Survey of the New Testament: The Pauline Epistles, Hebrews and Revelation*
NT 201:  The Gospel of John
NT 202:  Romans
CH 101:  A Survey of the History of Christianity: 1st Century through Post Reformation Enlightenment*
CH 201:  Churches of God History and Polity*
CH 202:  Studies in the Early Church Fathers and Other Early Christian Literature
CH 203:  Religion in America Today
TH 101:  Introduction to Biblical Theology*
TH 102:  Systematic Theology*
TH 201:  The Theology and Practice of Christian Worship*
TH 202:  Apologetics
CM 101:  Christian Leadership and the Ministerial Person*
CM 102:  Discipleship and Spiritual Formation*
CM 103:  Homiletics*
CM 104:  Pastoral Care and Counseling*
CM 201:  The Church and Contemporary Culture (The Church on Mission)
CM 202:  Church Administration
CM 203:  The Service Ministries of the Church
CM 204:  Mentoring and Spiritual Formation
CM 205:  Ministry to Youth and Children
CM 206:  Church Multiplication

SM 101:  Supervised Ministry (1 credit)
SM 102:  Supervised Ministry (1 Credit)

All courses are 3 credit courses unless otherwise noted. Students would need to complete 50 credits to be awarded a certificate of completion.

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