Registration opens for Spring 2020 classes

Ministry Training Institute is pleased to announce the following classes for the Spring 2020 semester:

NT 102 – Survey of the New Testament (Section 1) with Dr. Michael Walker on Tuesdays at Carlisle First Church of God.

NT 102 – Survey of the New Testament (Section 2) with Lew Button on Tuesdays at Martinsburg.

CM 104 – Counseling Ministries of the Church with Roger Scheuing on Tuesdays at Providence Church.

ME 111 – Spiritual Formation with Linda Rosenberry on Thursdays at Carlisle First Church of God.

ME 100 – Teaching in the Church with Brian Warner on Thursdays at Providence Church.

CM 103 – Homiletics on Thursdays at Martinsburg.

We’re excited to announce that we are now taking registration online at We’re working on being able to accept online payment, but, for now, those who register for classes will need to send a check to the MTI office at 2230 Grand Point, Chambersburg, PA 17202.

Published by Tammie

As a journalist for many years, Tammie learned to tell the stories of her community. Now, she tells stories linking faith to everyday life. She's fascinated with history and faith, and holds a Master of Practical Theology degree from Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

2 thoughts on “Registration opens for Spring 2020 classes

  1. I’m trying to find out information about ME 100 training at New Providence Church for the public speaking class. I can’t seem to find the information on dates, times and costs. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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