Ministry Enrichment Track

The Ministry Enrichment Track focuses on raising the biblical understanding and ministry skills of lay persons involved in the church’s ministry.  Students may take these courses for credit or audit. A Certificate of Completion is offered in this track, as well. None of these courses are credited towards the completion of a Certificate of Completion unless the student is formally enrolled as a student in the Ministry Enrichment Track.

Ministry Enrichment Track

Specific Course Descriptions are in Process

ME 100: The Teaching Ministry of the Church (could double as a PT elective)
ME 101: The Gospel of John
ME 102: The Synoptic Gospels
ME 103: Romans
ME 104: Mentoring Ministry
ME 105: Here We Stand: Churches of God and Contemporary Social Issues
ME 106: Ministry to Women
ME 107: Ministry to Men
ME 108: Ministry to Families
ME 109: Youth and Children’s Ministry
ME 110: The Church and Social Media
ME 111: Spiritual Formation
ME 112: We Believe (Intro to Churches of God Doctrine)
ME 113: Multi-cultural Ministry
ME 114: Leadership in the Local Church

Ministry Enrichment students can also take classes in the Pastoral Track either for credit or audit

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