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Fall 2019

NT101: New Testament 1: Gospels, Acts, John and James (Section 1) with Dan Masshardt (location to be determined)

ME107: Ministry to Men with Zack Wilt (location to be determined)

CM104: Pastoral Care and Counseling with Rodger Scheuing at Martinsburg

CM103: Homiletics with Mike Walker (location to be determined)

NT101: New Testament 1 (Section 2) with Lew Button at Martinsburg Church

ME100: Teaching Ministry of the Church: Adult Emphasis with Brian Warner at Providence Church, New Providence.

ME114: Leadership Skills for the Local Church with Dennis Koontz (location to be determined)

CH201: Churches of God History and Polity with Ed Rosenberry and Mike Walker,  Sept. 13-14, Oct. 18-19, Nov 15-16 at Newville First Church of God.



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