Formed … to be like Him


Middletown First Church of God, in conjunction with Ministry Training Institute and the ERC, present “Formed … To Be Like Him,” a spiritual formation class led by Pastor Nate Buck.

Spiritual Formation is the work of GOD’S Spirit to lead, guide, transform and renew us to be like Jesus Christ and be fully alive in Him. Every person is designed to grow, connect, and be full of purpose. You are invited to explore the next steps in your relationship with God.

We will meet for interactive and practical experiences that will help newbies, novices, and advanced followers of Jesus become more aware of His presence, and more like Him in our lives.

You are welcome for supper at 5:45 and class begins at 6:30, starting Wednesday, January 12th. Cost is $50.00. Sign up by calling the Middletown First Church of God at 717.944.9608 or email

Published by Tammie

As a journalist for many years, Tammie learned to tell the stories of her community. Now, she tells stories linking faith to everyday life. She's fascinated with history and faith, and holds a Master of Practical Theology degree from Winebrenner Theological Seminary.

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