Course descriptions for Fall 2018

Registration for MTI’s fall classes is now underway. Below are the descriptions for courses in both the pastoral and the ministry enrichment tracks.

Cost for these courses is $150 for credit and $100 to audit

Class location is determined by enrollments on August 1.

To register email us at or by calling Dr. Steve Dunn, Director, at 717-471-3018.

Pastoral Track

Old Testament 101 – Genesis through Esther
Instructor: Pastor Anthony Zumbo

An introduction to the Old Testament writing commonly known as the Pentateuch and the Histories. Special emphasis in given the Book of Genesis. Learn about the promise to Abraham, the writings from Moses and the life of the Kings beginning with Saul and David. The instructor is a local pastor with a Masters from Asbury and a serious biblical scholar. Tuesdays 6-9 p.m.

New Testament 201 – The Theology and Practice of Christian Worship
Instructor: Dr. Stephen Dunn

Worship is more than someone’s preference, a specific style, or the prelude to the sermon. This course examines the Bible’s teaching of the nature and purpose of worship, how the church has historically practiced worship. The course also will involve the practical elements of designing worship based on your community, the technical tools for a variety of worship styles, the role of evangelism and worship and includes guests who have worship responsibilities in local churches today. The instructor is pastor of 46 years, serving churches from 80 to 700 with a variety of styles. Thursdays 6-9 p.m.

Ministry Enrichment Track
Courses in this track can be taken as electives for the Pastoral track.

ME 100 -The Teaching Ministry of the Church
Instructor: Pastor Brian Warner

A professional public educator now pastor, will guide students enabling them to demonstrate an emerging ability in the multifaceted task of teaching and assessing a learner’s comprehension, express an understanding of group dynamics and how they affect the learning process, express an understanding of behavioral management as it is related to group dynamics and the learning process, be able to teach others with confidence not only designated material, but the concepts and skills learned in this class. And to have fun taking the class.

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